I Promessi Sposi Or The Betrothed

By Alessandro Manzoni

Table Of Contents

Introductory Note - Introductory Note

Chapter I - Chapter I

Chapter II - Chapter II

Chapter III - Chapter III

Chapter IV - Chapter IV

Chapter V - Chapter V

Chapter VI - Chapter VI

Chapter VII - Chapter VII

Chapter VIII - Chapter VIII

Chapter IX - Chapter IX

Chapter X. - Part I.

    Part II.

Chapter XI - Chapter XI

Chapter XII - Chapter XII

Chapter XIII - Chapter XIII

Chapter XIV - Chapter XIV

Chapter XV - Chapter XV

Chapter XVI - Chapter XVI

Chapter XVII - Chapter XVII

Chapter XVIII - Chapter XVIII

Chapter XIX - Chapter XIX

Chapter XX - Chapter XX

Chapter XXI - Chapter XXI

Chapter XXII - Chapter XXII

Chapter XXIII - Chapter XXIII

    Chapter XXIV.

    Part I.

    Part II.

Chapter XXV - Chapter XXV

Chapter XXVI - Chapter XXVI

Chapter XXVII - Chapter XXVII

Chapter XXVIII. - Part I.

    Part II.

Chapter XXIX - Chapter XXIX

Chapter XXX - Chapter XXX

Chapter XXXI - Chapter XXXI

Chapter XXXII - Chapter XXXII

Chapter XXXIII - Chapter XXXIII

    Chapter XXXIV.

    Part I.

    Part II.

Chapter XXXV - Chapter XXXV

Chapter XXXVI - Chapter XXXVI

Chapter XXXVII - Chapter XXXVII

Chapter XXXVIII - Chapter XXXVIII




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