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1785 Alessandro Manzoni was born in Milan in 1785. His father, Pietro Manzoni, was a rich land owner from Lecco, and his mother, Giulia Beccaria, was daughter of the famous jurist Cesare Beccaria

1792 Donna Giulia was separated from her husband

1805 he joined his mother at Paris

1806 In morte di Carlo Imbonati

1808 he married Henriette-Louise Blondel, the daughter of a Swiss banker

1809 Urania

1810 Henriette-Louise became a Catholic at Paris, Manzoni followed her back into the Church.

1812 La Resurrezione

1813 Il Nome di Maria

1813 Il Natale

1815 La Passione

1819 Osservazioni sulla morale cattolica, a defence of Catholicism against the attacks of Sismondi

1820 Il Conte di Carmagnola

1822 La Pentecoste

1822 L`Adelchi

1822 Il Cinque Maggio, an ode on the death of Napoleon, which remains the most popular Italian lyric of the nineteenth century.

1825 I Promessi Sposi, Manzoni`s great masterpiece, was written between 1821 and 1825

1827 visit to Tuscany for the purpose of making himself better acquainted with what he regarded as the ideal form of the Italian language.

1840 I Promessi Sposi, was rewritten

1840 Storia della Colonna infame, an historical appendix to his romance

1845 Dell` Invenzione

05/22/1873 Death




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